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The Perfect Path to Holistic Health though Active Ayurveda. The Perfect Blend of Nature & Science!

‘HERBAL’ is a compound word derived from French Word ‘HERBA’. The Role of Herbs in Medicine, lots of consumers started the plantation of Tulsi & other medicinal plants in their home gardens….Now a days medicinal herbs are important sources for pharmaceutical manufacturing. 'MFB HERBAL' the status of a Unani pharmaceutical company. MFB Herbal is a trusted and respected name in IndianUnani& Ayurveda herbal industry. Building on a legacy of quality and experience of over 20 years, MFB Herbal is today India’s most Ayurvedic and Natural Health Care Company. MFB HERBAL also recommends various Ayurvedic Home Remedies formulated using ayurvedic plants & herbs which are natural & chemical free. Our office branches, manufacturing units, logistics office and numerous regional channel partners are strategically located to cover an Indian sub-continent.Under the able guidance and visionary leadership of Dr. Umar & Farah Naaz, a renowned herbal practitioner, we have successfully covered numerous mile stones. The scientific legacy of more than twenty years coupled with diversified experiences of renowned researchers, Pharmacists, Hakims & Vaidyas (literally mean herbal physicians). Farah Naaz is a marketers and business associates to Honor the ever increasing demands and expectations of our valuable customers. Our Customers enjoy an easy access to various qualities of MFB Herbal products, prepared with Genuine & Pure herbs.

From The Director’s Desk

Dr. Umar Director

A man of vision, a man who dared to dream and a man who achieved; Dr. Umar Quershi a man who wasn’t born with a golden spoon. He was born in a middle-class family where survival was the only goal, but he made sure that wasn’t the end.

He made a small company by the name of MFB Herbal Dawakhana with a vision to help human being and provide manpower in his region. His ambitious passion for being of help to people was the very soul of his existence. It all began in 1999. A man and his young daughter with a very curious mind pondered the idea of presenting herbal medicine in a contemporary form. He spent his days riding his bicycle through the forests and learning about herbs from the local healers. He knew he must scientifically prove that herbal medicines do work.. At night, his shoulders would ache after struggling to manually produce a few hundred Churan Packets, one churan packet at a time.

Twenty years later, MFB Herbal is still family owned but is now professionally managed. MFB Herbal nationally Holdings LLP. is a Manal-family investment entity that does not have any active business operations.The assets include shares of stock in these companies, partnership interests, brand names, patents, trademarks, copyrights etc. The wholly-owned subsidiaries in different geographies are run by independent professionals. The holding company provides strategic inputs to its subsidiaries and is the resource allocation filter for the entire organization. The execution of the agreed strategies is the responsibility of the individual business units managed by the professionals. This gives a clear demarcation between the ownership (family) and the management (professionals). The family is keenly involved in the placement and growth of key professionals in its various subsidiaries as also in keeping alive the value system and the vision of the Founder.

It is our vision to make MFB Herbal a household name, a trusted head-to-heel brand providing scientifically validated herbal solutions for the entire family. Indeed, brand Alshifa Churan has substantially increased its visibility in several important markets domestically. We will continue to build on this foundation.

With your help and support, I am confident that MFB Herbal will continue to make revolution. Thanks you for being a part of this incredible journey.

CEO Message

Farha Naaz is the CEO of MFB Herbal, she is the daughter of Mr. Umar Qureshi, she joined him within a year to build and set the company together. Ms. Farha is carrying the widest range of experience in many fields, including research and development, she is looking over, all the operations of MFB Herbal.

Client Reviews

Baby fit syrup is a most effective syrup, i was searching a good health tonic for my son since long time, finally i have got the best one. How wonderful it is that some health care companies still care their customers, thank you so much!

Mrs & Mr. Ali Ahmed

Lady shakti powder is exactly what it says to be, it has proven itself, a pure and effective herbal weight management product. Now i can easily overcome with excess weight

Mrs. Anita Aggarwal

I have been using Alshifa Churan for months, it is a great product, almost all my stomach related problems got fixed specially acidity and heartburn, now it is a part of my daily life.

Mr. Sunil Kumar

Yes! It most definitely does prevent hail loss and keeps the scalp- and body- cool, upon application. I use this oil whenever I have a headache and soon my headache disappears! I even carry the sachet while travelling.

Regular use of Antikrim is the best way to get rid of intestinal worms. My children are happy and healthy once again. I express my gratitude to Sahul India for this anti-worm medication!