Alshifa sciatica fit powder

Effective Herbal Formulation Relief in Backache, Butt Joint, Join Pain.

Sciatica is a common type of pain effectively the sciatica nerve a large nerve expending from your lower back down to back of each leg.

Sciatica fit powder they work very well in sciatica pain. Sonth rumi mastagi, pipal amba haldi, kala namak are key ingredient which is helpful in sciatica Pain.

  • 50 ml

Key Ingredient

  • Rumi mastagi : increase blood flow in seciatica nerve
  • Sonth powder : relief all type of pain
  • Amba haldi : anti inflammatory properties
  • Senna : constipation & instestine problem


  • Alshifa sciatica fit powder take 1/2, tea spoon before breakfast & 1/2, tea spoon at before dinner


  • avoid bottle gourd, cauliflower, curd, pickle, horse gram, black gram, etc.


  • Men / Women